Educate Online helps children get high-quality foreign education in person, remotely, as well as enter the advanced world universities.
The education starts in a month
November 12
Are able to get high school education
14-18 years old
Per one subject and $8 800 for the whole education in high school
$1 100
Learn about Dual Diploma features now
Braemar is
International students
Number of faculty
Students of more than 30 nationalities
study at Braemar College
Western Europe
Southeast Europe
Eastern and Central Europe

What is Dual Diploma with Braemar?

A student can be enrolled in Braemar and receive a high school diploma on an equal basis with all students, face-to-face. You can also go to schools for a semester / summer programs / for several months, combining online and full-time education.
With Educate Online

You need:

How to get a Canadian Diploma combining with your local school and saving money?
To be a student of 11th or 12th grades

«2 level of English

Request Braemar Tests and provide your current grades (our managers will help you!)

If the tests are successfully passed, you need to get only 8 credits for the last years!
It usually takes 30 credits to get OSSD on a full-time schooling base but Educate Online provides an opportunity for Dual Diploma, therefore you need only 8 credits. It's also important to mention that Canadian credits are stick to the specific grade that's why the Dual Diploma program is available only for the students of 11th and 12th years of studying.
Course Offering
→ Teens (14-18 y.o) only
→ Special offer only till the 12th of November
→ Online education with qualified teachers
→ $8800 for the whole high school program
University Placement 100%
Graduates of Braemar College are now attending: University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University, Ryerson University
Leadership Opportunities: Volunteer programs, Parliament, School President - for offline students only
A student will be enrolled in the real school of the Canada — Braemar — and receive a high school diploma on an equal basis with all students, face-to-face. You have less than one month to give your child good and stable education in Canada, combining online and full-time education.