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Get an overseas education without leaving your home. With Educate Online your child can become anything they wish to be

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With Educate Online children choose from 200+ subjects, full-time or part-time, including: robotics, programming, medicine, business, math, foreign languages, and more!
Try new subjects that are missing in your local school curriculum. We have more than 200 subjects to choose from!
Choose the US, UK or Canadian curriculum. Earn your US or Canadian high school diploma or complete your A-Levels to receive a qualification that you can use for university entrance worldwide
We select the best faculty worldwide. We have over 1500 specialist teachers to help your child succeed.
We have more than 60 partner universities. Our graduates have the opportunity to enroll in the world's best universities, including: Harvard, Yale, ETH Zurich, LSE and others!
Our classes are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose the time that fits your child's schedule.
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More than 200 subjects to choose from

Film Studies
Art and design
International relationships
Health and wellness management
Computer game development

Media research
Business mathematics
Personal finance
3D printing and modeling
Basics of business, marketing, and finance
Medical terminology
Collaborative theatre
Socio-emotional research
Writing craft
Hospitality and tourism
World problems

An Introduction To Educate Online

Educate Online is leading the transformation of education from traditional to online, expanding opportunities for students ages 4-19
During the past 12 months, 2500+ students from 18 countries have enrolled
with Educate Online to learn and attend lessons from leading institutions in the UK, US, Canada, and beyond.
Founded 2012
Students currently enrolled
K-12 schooling
We accept students ages 4-19

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An Introduction video

See What The Lessons Are Like During The First Trial Lesson

We will provide an introductory lesson with a native English speaker.
We will speak to your child in English about their interests.
We will prepare an academic plan for your child's future.
We will informally test your child's level of English.