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Start studying AR/VR and Business with professional teachers from American school
A student will be enrolled in the real school of the USA — Columbia — and receive a high-quality education on an equal basis with all students, remotely
15-19 years old
Are able to learn AR and VR with Columbia school
600 dollars
The education starts less than in a month
For live lessons with American teachers during 18 weeks
Columbia School is a leading American school and postsecondary pathway provider that has graduated more than 20,000 students from around the world. Columbia School is located in Stuart, Florida. Teachers at Columbia are native speakers and qualified teachers with university degrees in the subjects they teach (AR/VR, business, psychology, accounting, anthropology, etc.). 99% of the students of this school enter world's top universities of the world.Lessons take place at Zoom, homework check and coordination of studies take place on the Maestro platform. At the end of the program, students receive a diploma, which has the same validity for admission as a diploma received from an offline format.
Teachers rate
20 000+
International students
Average students rate
Students of more than 30 nationalities
study at Columbia School
What Business and AR/VR subject is offering?
  • In this course, students will explore the entrepreneurial mindset of searching for opportunities, creating value, and solving pain points to create the next world-class startup;
  • They will explore how this mindset applies not just to business, but to schools, non-profits, and many other types of organizations;
  • They will investigate how to apply this mindset in their own experiences.
  • This course also introduces students to the technologies that underpin AR/VR systems;
  • Students learn about and discuss the risks and side effects of these systems on health, privacy, and ethical implications;
  • The course walks through five applications of AR/VR and how they will change and impact numerous aspects of our lives and the economy.
What will you get?
After completing the syllabus, the student receives a diploma from an American school
Technical support
Access the My Virtual Campus learning platform
2 live class sessions per week per subject
A curriculum designed specifically for online education and meets all academic requirements
18 weeks
Instructor assistance
The entrance to our partner universities is guaranteed only for our students
Groups by 6-8 students
Online learning at Columbia School is the first step to immigration

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Course Offering
→ High school (15-18 y.o) only
$600 for live lessons per subject during 18 weeks
→ Special offer only till November
→ Online education with qualified teachers
→ Groups by 6-8 students
You have less than one month to provide your child with the ability to learn trendy subjects by combining international online and local full-time education!