Interhigh online school
International students
Number of faculty
School Overview
Established in 2005, InterHigh is a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College. The school welcomes learners from across the UK and Internationally. Rather than travelling to school to study – InterHigh comes to you, wherever you are, through their specialised learning portal. They are able to offer you everything you expect from a traditional school… plus a whole lot more!

The entire online curriculum is taught by expert, experienced staff whose passion for their subject is matched by their motivation and energy to see every pupil succeed. After class, pupils can enjoy a range of clubs, societies, seminars or catch up with friends in the common room or on the school's own social platforms.

The dedicated pastoral staff are always available to support learners in whatever way best suits the individual and our school leadership team are always on hand for guidance and advice.

Why 'Interhigh School'?
A quality assured British education delivered to learners across the world
Flexible programmes of study delivered live, online and fully interactive in classes of up to 20 students in seminar groups
A safe, secure and friendly learning environment that ensures your child receives the best opportunity to progress, achieve and attend University anywhere in the world through internationally recognised and accredited study eg. Cambridge International qualification
A cost effective alternative to studying at a physical independent school
A complete programme of study that has been entirely uninterrupted by the covid pandemic, ensuring every student has received continuous study throughout 2020 and 2021
Interhigh School Quick Facts
Average class size
Max. 20 students
Grade range
3 - 13
Primary/Secondary/High School programs, GCSE, A-Level
School system
35 week academic year, split across 6 terms (5 x 6 weeks and 1 x 5 weeks)
Start dates
Rolling admission
On-campus opportunity?
University Placement 100%
Graduates of InterHigh are now attending: Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield, International Business Economics at the University of Manchester
Course Offering
The school offers a large number of programs, such as:
→ Math, English, Science, French
→ Communication, Creative Pursuits
→ Humanities, STEM
→ etc
Click the link below for a full list of courses
Entry requirement
  • English Level CEFR B1-B2
  • Transcript from the previous school year
Admissions process
The admissions process can take up to 2 weeks.
Necessary documents must be completed and sent to international@educate-online.ru
School Fees
Application Fee £40
Other Supplementary Fees
Tuition Fee:
  • £2650 - Primary School 8-11y.o. (Annually for all subjects)
  • £3750 - Secondary School 11-12y.o. (Annually for all subjects)
  • £3750 - Secondary School 12-13y.o. (Annually for all subjects)
  • £3750 - Secondary School 13-14y.o (Annually for all subjects)
  • £4300 - High School GCSE 14+ (Annually for all subjects)
  • £4650 - High School A-level 16+ (Annually for all subjects)
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