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We will give you a step-by-step plan on how your child can accelerate their English level ahead of their peers
We will share how you can save up to $100,000 USD and receive the best education for your child at the cost of a local tutor
We will share what a global education for your child looks like with 200+ subjects to choose from at the best schools in UK, US & Canada
University Career
We will explain how your child can acquire a dual diploma or international qualification which provides access to any university worldwide
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Who we are and why the best schools in the world work with us
How school enrollment works
Difference in teaching methods
Teaching Staff
What our students achieve - real stories of children of different ages
What subjects are available and how the choice is made
Requirements for further admission to a foreign university
How we make complex admission simple and what benefits you will get in the future
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How the learning goes
International diploma and international accreditations
Admission to foreign universities
How much it costs to study abroad and how to save up to $120,000
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43 minutes of important information
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