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Start studying AR and VR with professional teachers from American school
A student will be enrolled in the real school of the USA — Columbia — and receive a high-quality education on an equal basis with all students, face-to-face
15-19 years old
Are able to learn AR and VR with Columbia school
600 dollars
The education starts less than in a month
For live lessons with American teachers during 18 weeks
Teachers rate
20 000+
International students
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Students of more than 30 nationalities
study at Columbia School
Western Europe
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Eastern and Central Europe
What AR and VR subject is offering?
Recent advances in technology have allowed augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems to become extremely sophisticated and realistic

  • This course introduces students to the technologies that underpin AR/VR systems;
  • Students also learn about and discuss the risks and side effects of these systems on health, privacy, and ethical implications;
  • The course walks through five applications of AR/VR and how they will change and impact numerous aspects of our lives and the economy.
What will you get for 600$
Access the My Virtual Campus learning platform
A curriculum designed specifically for online education and meets all academic requirements
Technical support
Instructor assistance
2 live class sessions per week per subject

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Course Offering
→ High school (15-18 y.o) only
→ Special offer only till November
→ Online education with qualified teachers
→ $600 for live lessons per subject during 18 weeks
→ Groups by 6-8 students
You have less than one month to provide your child with the ability to learn trendy subjects by combining international online and local full-time education!