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Do you want to see the new Educate Online website (English version only)?

Distance education from the best schools overseas, for children & young adults, ages 4-19

Get an overseas education without leaving your home. With Educate Online, your child can become anything they wish to be.

Study a World Recognized Curriculum

With Educate Online, students choose from 200+ subjects, full-time or part-time, 24/7 offered by schools in the US, UK, Canada and beyond!
Welcome to the Hub
Why Educate Online

International qualifications
GCSE, A-Level, Advanced Placement,
US Diploma, Canadian Diploma
Guaranteed K-12 Admission
We accept all levels of students
and English level
Quick & Frequent Feedback
Online platforms mean that children and their parents can track progress daily
Programs available for every price point. International qualifications for the cost of local schools
Flexible Programs
Study part-time or full-time, group
or individual, 24/7
US, UK, Canada Curriculum
ESOL, Foreign Languages
Learn From Top Faculty
We are not limited by geography, we hire
the best in the world
Engaging Classrooms
Class sizes from 1-40 children
Average class size: 8
Guaranteed University Admission
60+ partner Universities in the UK
and US, plus use your international
credentials to apply to universities
Learn Soft Skills
Online Learning is key to developing the
personal attributes needed for future
career success

Hear from Our Students
More Than 200+ Subjects
To Choose From
  • Film Studies
    Art and Design
    Religious Studies
    International Relationships
    Health and Wellness Management
    Computer Game Development
  • Media Research
    Business Mathematics
    Personal Finance
    3D printing and Modeling
    Business, Marketing, and Finance
    Medical Terminology
    Collaborative Theatre
    Socio-emotional Research
    Writing Craft
    Hospitality and Tourism
    World Problems
  • Benefits:
    Study subjects that are not available at your local school

    Complete college level courses to help you enroll in your top choice university

    Earn an international credential or US & Canada high school diplomas from home

    Explore options for your future career

    Learn more about what you are passionate about
Quality Education
With An International Credential
Study US, UK, and Canadian curriculum courses from your home anywhere in the world

Earn a US or Canadian High School Diploma in addition to your local school diploma

Study the world-renowned GCSE & A-Levels offered by Cambridge International and Pearson Edexcel

Take Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered by Top Faculty to improve your university application

Build your language skills in English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German
Welcome To The HUB
Distance Education from the best schools overseas, for children and young adults, ages 4-19

An Introduction To Educate Online
Educate Online is leading the transformation of education from traditional to online, expanding opportunities for students ages 4-19

During the past 12 months, 2500+ students from 18 countries have enrolled
with Educate Online to learn and attend lessons from leading institutions in the UK, US, Canada, and beyond.

An Introduction video 2 min
Founded 2018
Students currently enrolled
K-12 schooling
We accept students ages 4-19