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Columbia School is a leading online high school and post-secondary pathway provider. Founded over a decade ago, Columbia has graduated more than 20,000 students from around the world. An impressive 99% of students enrolled with Columbia School graduate and go on to attend universities in the US and beyond.

As a Virtual School, Columbia School is not restricted by geography when hiring their faculty, and thus have hired some of the best faculty nationwide, with the majority of their accredited teachers having 20+ years of teaching experience or more! The faculty for the AR/VR and Business programs bring a passion for learning and excitement to their classrooms. Student's feel engaged, inspired and proud of what they accomplish during the 18-week term.

For those who wish to graduate with a US high school or dual high school diploma, Columbia School is a great option!
Florida, US
Graduation Rate
Students of more than 30 nationalities
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What is the content of online courses?
AR and VR
  • This course introduces students to AR/VR systems & technology;
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with these systems and will learn and discuss the potential risks of these systems on our health, privacy, and other ethical concerns;
  • They will also learn the five applications of AR/VR and how they will change and impact numerous aspects of our lives and the economy in positive ways!
  • In this course, students get to dive into an entrepreneurial world, exploring the mindset of finding the next great opportunity, creating value, and solving pain points to create a world-class startup;
  • They will explore how this mindset applies not just to business, but to schools, and other areas that students engage with in their daily life;
  • They will investigate how to apply this mindset in their own experiences, and succeed!
What will you receive from this course?
Group classes (6-8 students)
Instructor Assistance & technical support
Access to our Virtual Learning Platform
Guaranteed entrance to our Partner Universities upon graduation
18-weeks of engaging lessons
2 live sessions per week, per subject
Course credit that can be used towards a US High School Diploma
Top faculty instruction

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