Diplomas & certificates are issued by accredited schools
The diploma received from online studies is identical to the diplomas received in-person. Educate Online schools are accredited through AdvancEd-Cognia, AP & College Board, as well as Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International.

Let's talk about the diploma the student will receive

The student is enrolled with the overseas school in the UK, US, or Canada. All studies may be completed online or students may choose to include in-person experiences by attending summer or semester programs. Online and in-person studies can be easily combined to achieve your high school qualification or diploma.
With Educate Online

What universities can you enter with an international diploma or qualification?

Adelphi University. Garden City, New York.
American University. Washington, DC.
Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama.
Auburn University at Montgomery. Montgomery, Alabama.
Cleveland State University. Cleveland, Ohio.
Florida International University.
Louisiana State University.
Mercer University.
University of Central Florida.
After completing online studies through Educate Online, student’s can enroll in top universities worldwide, such as Harvard, Yale, ETH Zurich, London School of Economics and others. Educate Online also has 60+ partner universities where we GUARANTEE admission:
University of Westminster
UWE Bristol
Nottingham Trent University
University of Essex
Bournemouth University
University of Birmingham
Aston University
University of Stirling University
University of Exeter University
University of East Anglia University



University of Toronto
University of Waterloo
Ryerson University
York University


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