Why educate online?

International qualifications

GCSE, A-Level, Advanced Placement,

US Diploma, Canadian Diploma

Guaranteed K-12 Admission

We accept all levels of students

and English level

Quick & Frequent Feedback

Online platforms mean that children and their parents can track progress daily


Programs available for every price point. International qualifications for the cost of local schools

Flexible Programs

Study part-time or full-time, group or

individual, 24/7


US, UK, Canada Curriculum

ESOL, Foreign Languages

Learn From Top Faculty

We are not limited by geography, we hire

the best in the world

Engaging Classrooms

Class sizes from 1-40 children

Average class size: 8

Guaranteed University Admission

60+ partner Universities in the UK and

US, plus use your international

credentials to apply to universities


Learn Soft Skills

Online Learning is key to developing the

personal attributes needed for future

career success