Enrollment process

Step 1: Submit Enquiry
Submit Enquiry:

Include: Name, Current Grade, Date of Birth, Nationality, Programs of Interest, Goals
Step 2: Attend Trial Lesson
Every student is provided with a free trial lesson with an Educate Online teacher. During the lesson, the teacher will assess English level, academic knowledge and review student goals.
Step 3: Recommendation of Program
Following the Trial Lesson, an Educate Online advisor will recommend programs suitable to help each individual student to achieve their goals.
Step 4: Submit Application
Enter your name, email address, and main preferences
Step 5: Offer of Admission
Following the admissions review, an offer of admission will be provided along with a tuition invoice for payment.
Step 6: Confirmation of Enrollment
Upon receipt of payment, a confirmation of enrollment will be sent providing information about Student Onboarding, Orientation and a School Timetable.
Step 7: Student Onboarding & Orientation
Including technical set-up & online readiness assessment
Step 8: Begin Classes!