Sample timetables
At Educate Online, students may choose from more than 200 subjects. We will work with the student and family to choose the best program and timetable for their academic interests and needs. We offer a variety of timetables from single subjects, to part-time and full-time studies. The timetable samples below are provided as an example of what the students timetable may look like at each school.
Individual Class (One subject)
Tudor School (UK)
We also work with various tools for the clients that require tailor-made schedules.

For example, at Tudor School we have a scheduling program that shows available hours for all of the teachers so we can create a perfect fit for your client.
Aquinas International Academy (USA)
This schedule is for Aquinas International Academy. We know all of the available slots for the teacher and can create a schedule for the student that will definitely fit
Full-time Timetable
InterHigh Y12 Timetable Academic Year 2020/21
Canadian Timetable
First lesson (9:15-12:00 EST)
Second Lesson (13:00-15:45 EST)
Third Lesson (16:00-18:45 EST)
GMT (+3): afternoon / evening (from 16:00 onwards)
GMT (+8): evening / late evening
Crimson Global Academy (CGA)

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Want a study plan?
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