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At Educate Online, we value the collaboration that we have with our partners. Together we can provide the best possible experience to your clients and their children. This document will provide an overview of the Student Journey with Educate Online. This is a general overview, the details provided by the schools may differ slightly in appearance, however, the structure of the process will be the same.

The Journey
1. Preparing to study
Once payment has been received by the school, our Educate Online Customer Service team will send you and the family a Welcome Letter, containing useful tips for online learning success, as well as our direct contact information.

Here is a sample of the Welcome Letter:
We are very happy that you have chosen a high-quality online education for your child. We are looking forward to supporting the success of your child in their academic endeavors.
We have prepared some important information that you will need to know before you begin your studies with an overseas school online.

Step 1
Getting to know each other
It is important for us that the studying process is as convenient and understandable as possible, so feel free to contact us with any questions via admissions@educate-online.io

Step 2
Check your emails
During your course, teachers will contact students and parents by email…
Emails from teachers will be sent to the email address provided to you by the school.
If you want to change the email address where you would like to receive emails, respond to the teacher's email from your preferred email address and indicate the change.

Step 3
Preparing for your studies

Please review the documents below to prepare for your online studies. "Student Memo: What you need to know before starting classes via Zoom"

Soon we will send you additional information, as well as, instructions for studying on the school platform and a schedule of classes.
We wish you success and thank you for being with us.
A sample of the Welcome Letter
2. School Schedule
Following the welcome letter, you will receive a copy of your class schedule.
These schedules will vary in appearance, but may look something like this:
Congratulations on your enrollment to Tudor School!
Here is the schedule for the semester (Moscow time):

Course: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Start date: 07/07/2021
Teacher: Edward Roser
Mon 13.00
Wed 13.00

Zoom Link: LINK
Meeting ID: 000 0000 0000
Password for Zoom: 1234567

The course includes: 36 live lessons and 18 Speaking Clubs
You will work with the materials and homework using the Google Classroom service. In order to access the homework, you will need to create a Google mail account with the student's name, so that the teacher can understand who the homework belongs to. The code for the platform will be sent during the first week of classes.

How can I sign up for a Speaking Club?
Educate Online conducts Speaking Clubs (40 minutes).
You can attend Speaking Club once a week by signing up at a time and date convenient for you at http://www.educate-online.ru/speakingclub.
You will receive the link to the Speaking Club by e-mail 20 minutes prior to the beginning - don't forget to confirm your e-mail when you signed up!
If the link hasn't come - please write directly to our support chat.
Please confirm that you received this letter :)
We wish you a successful beginning of the semester!
A sample of the Schedule Letter
If you want to learn more about school schedule, see our Timetable Samples
3. Checklist
After 2 weeks of classes, the student receives an email with a checklist that the student must complete in order to be successful in the course
Changes to email:

Your child has been studying with Educate Online for two weeks now and is already making progress.

If you have any questions, contact your teacher directly by email or contact us directly at support@educate-online.io- we will be happy to help.
A sample of the Checklist
4. Progress Reports
Most schools send out automated emails with the student's progress on the platform every 4 to 6 weeks, however, in some cases we request additional feedback from the teachers to keep the parents in the loop and the student thriving.
Here is what the reports may look like
In most case, parents may also track their child's progress on the school platform
5. Certificate of Completion
Upon successful completion of the course the student will receive a certificate of completion.
Semester completion
High school diploma
Want a study plan?
Leave a request and we contact you for more details
Want a study plan?
Leave a request and we contact you for more details